For non-profit organizations, funding has to go a long way and cover a variety of work that supports the organization's mission. If an organization hasn't had a communications budget before and you'd like to pitch creating one, here are three reasons that will help you advocate for one. A communications budget supports communications' staff in their work and, ultimately, helps the organization accomplish its mission.

1. Enhance engagement on your social media channels.

Having budget for social media means that you can boost high-engagement posts or create advertising campaigns on social media. You're going to get more views on your posts, you're going to get more engagement and you'll also have baseline data to advocate for an increase in your social media budget next year.

2. Creative connection in a virtual world.

Over the past couple of years, we've seen a switch to more digital, more virtual-first/only events and activities and you're going to need some funding in order to find tools and resources out there that help you creatively connect with your supporters and stay connected with them even if it's a virtual-only format.

3. Offer a delightful website experience.

You want a budget for communications so that you can make updates to your website as needed so you can add new tools, resources and formats of content so that your audience is continually delighted with what they find and that their experience is seamless and smooth.

There are many other reasons it's important for non-profit organizations to allocate funds to a communications budget. These three will give you a good starting point when raising the idea of creating, or expanding, a communications budget to support you in your work.

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Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash