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What Our Clients Say

Stratosphere Communications sets a clear focus and goal for their work with you and then gets you there! They provided a very reasonable rate for the time we spent together on a specific task in our communications strategy planning. We went on to ask for further input due to the good work accomplished.

—Lois Nickel, Director of Enrolment, Canadian Mennonite University

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Lunar Excursion Consult

Ellen was a fantastic guest speaker and supporter of student teams to help them structure their communication strategy. She was approachable, knowledgeable and kind. Ellen's expertise in strategic communications helped first year masters students create strategies for clients in the Royal Roads Live Case Challenge. Ellen was a vibrant and enticing guest speaker. She later met with student teams to support them in structuring their strategy. She was the expert who provided the teams with know how.

– Barb Collombin, Associate Faculty, Royal Roads University, SCC, PCS

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