One minute review: War in 140 characters

A photo of the book "War in 140 characters" by David Patrikarakos is on top of a rug that looks like green grass.

War in 140 Characters by David Patrikarakos deftly weaves together how the stories we tell, the words we choose, and the platforms we use can contribute to safety, security, war, and peace.

If you're interested in an analysis of how social media has transformed narratives and news in times of war, and how war itself has been changing over the past years, you may be interested in giving this a read.

It provides excellent food for thought for communications folks through analyses of framing, narrative development, and choice of medium for our messages (yes, Marshall McLuhan is mentioned, of course!)

On a lighter note in the midst of a heavy topic, here's a quote from the book that knits together my communications and crafting passions.

"In the words of Sienkiewicz: 'The news net has become like a really nicely knit blanket that your grandma made. It's not impervious like a canvas blanket—smartphones and internet access are not ubiquitous—but not much gets through now."

War in 140 characters, p. 87

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